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Relaxation for the back


Body Acupuncture

Initial Treatment (120 min)

90 min Follow-up Treatment

60 min Follow-up Treatment

5 pack, 60 minute (free 30 minute add-on to any treatment of your choice)

10 pack, 60 minute (free 90 minute treatment of your choice)






Facial Rejuvenation


Facial Acupuncture

Initial Treatment(120 min)

Follow-up Treatment(90 min)




Fire Cupping


Fire Cupping Therapy

Fire cupping will be offered during the Initial 120 min and follow-up 90 min treatments. Not available for 60 min treatments.

Chinese Herbal Therapy


Patent and Custom-made Herbal Formulas in tablet and powder forms.

Please inquire ​for pricing.

Complete Relaxation

Relax Your Mind and Body

When we hang onto every thought, two things happen. First, we’re usually trying to control something that ultimately can’t be. Second, it causes stagnation not only in the mind, but in the body as well. When we can become still and aware we allow the mind to be free from stagnation and the body will then follow. Awareness is attention and attention creates stillness.


There are many ways of explaining acupuncture. I like to think of it as rearranging and reorganizing the movement of energy in the body. Much like you can organize and arrange your home or your room to make it feel comfortable, acupuncture can do the same for your body. The best part is that your body already knows how to do this!

Accurate placement for lower back
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