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Accessing channels of the back

Eastern & Western

Each has its strengths and short-comings. Western medicine is an absolute necessity when it comes to medical emergencies both internal and external. This might be a short-coming of eastern medicine. Eastern medicine is very effective at maintaining health while being very easy on the body. It can make corrections in a non-drastic way so we can avoid serious illness. This is what's missing from today's medical system. We pursue quantity as a measure of health, instead of quality. Quality gives rise to quantity, not the reverse. 

How It Works

TCM works off of identifying patterns. It could be a pattern of tension, weakness, excess, etc. The pulse, tongue, and symptoms are used to identify these patterns. Once identified, needles, moxa, and/or herbs are used to rectify the pattern(s) of imbalance. Think of the space you live in. Sometimes it's disorganized, lacking enough light or shade, or empty feeling. Our bodies function very similarly to the spaces we hold.

Accurate placement for lower back

A Relaxing Environment

Here at BF Acupuncture we have 2 private rooms where you can relax with soothing music and essential oils. A welcoming and warm environment is a great way to start your treatment.


From big concerns to small ones, listening is the most important part of any treatment. Without listening, an effective treatment won't happen. Your concern must be our concern and your concerns are worth listening to.

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